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Depuis plus de 115 ans, Baikowski® est un fabricant industriel de référence en matière d'alumines de haute pureté et oxydes spéciaux tels que les spinelles, YAG, zircones et cérium.

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Innovative, global & century-old

For over 115 years, Baikowski® has been a leading industrial manufacturer of high purity alumina, Spinel, YAG, Zirconia & Ceria. These powders & slurries are involved in the composition of technical ceramics and crystals, and can also serve high-end applications like precision polishing, additives & coatings.

These diverse applications can be found in several markets:

  • Lighting (High intensity discharge lamps, Fluorescent tubes, LED)
  • Watches & Phones (Sapphire tops, Ceramic parts)
  • Electronics (Semiconductors)
  • Automotive (Car polish, Battery)
  • Defense (Armored windows, Precision optics)
  • Medical (Prosthetics, Medical imaging)

Production and R&D are performed in France, United-States and Japan. These entities are complementing each other, providing unique expertise. Our worldwide presence is completed by offices & sales agents in Korea and China.

Your solution partner for high-end fine oxides

Through our global R&D, production and sales networks, we bring innovating turnkey solutions & close collaboration to demanding industrial customers.

Baikowski® is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

We are also committed in Corporate Social Responsibility management systems with specific environmental, health & security, social & societal initiatives, based on ISO 26000 guidelines.

Since December 2018, Baikowski® has been operating as a limited company (SA), listed on the Euronext Growth stock exchange.

Baikowski® on stock market

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