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ALN-6L – AIN substrate polishing slurry

We developed ALN-6L to deliver the best surface finish on AlN substrates without void defect.

Demande d'information

Caractéristiques produits

Standard product
(Typical values)
PSD d50 (µm) 0.3
pH 2 – 3
Dilution 1 : 1
Abrasive Alumina

Often used as a heat dissipator in integrated circuits or LED devices, aluminum nitride is well-known for its very high thermal conductivity. The grains of AlN ceramics are easily peeled off during polishing and cause void defect. We developed ALN-6L to deliver the best surface finish without void defect.

Download the technical datasheet to see application data.



  • ALN-6L – Fiche Technique

Applications phares

Aluminium nitride substrate polishing

Aluminium nitride substrate polishing

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