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YG-1 slurry offers a highly precise control of roughness, flatness and critical angles during YAG polishing.

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Caractéristiques produits

Standard product
(Typical values)
PSD d50 (µm) 1.0
pH 2 – 3
Dilution 1:1
Abrasive Alumina

YG-1 is an alumina based slurry suitable for polishing single crystal & polycrystalline YAG with the combination of hard pads, resin and pitch plate. It has easy cleaning advantage compared with colloidal silica base slurry. Download the technical datasheet to see application data.



  • YG-1 – Fiche Technique

Applications phares

YAG polishing

YAG polishing

Spinel polishing

Spinel polishing

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