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SLT-50 slurry was developed for polishing Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3) wafers, commonly used for SAW devices.

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Caractéristiques produits

Standard products
(Typical values)
Component A
Component B
D50 (nm) 50
pH 9 – 11 1 – 3
Dilution 1 : 4 1 : 1
Abrasive Silica None

SLT-50 gives a superior removal rate than traditional slurries for a similar surface roughness. The slurry is supplied with component (A) and (B) and must be mixed according to the preparation instruction.

Download the technical datasheet to see application data.


  • SLT-50-Baikowski®
  • SLT50 Composant A Fiche de sécurité – Baikowski®
  • SLT50 Composant B Fiche de sécurité – Baikowski®

Applications phares

LiTaO3 & LiNbO3 wafers polishing

LiTaO3 & LiNbO3 wafers polishing

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