Baikowski®’s locations in the USA

Baikowski® in Charlotte and Malafoff embody our spirit of innovation and dedication to delivering products of quality across North and South America.

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Baikowski US sales team for 120 years anniversary
2024, 120 years of Baikowski®

US Customer Proximity

🌎 Since 1979 in Charlotte and 2001 in Malakoff, Baikowski® has cemented its position as a global leader in the production of fine mineral for high-tech and sustainable applications with the US acquisitions.

Our Malakoff, Texas plant features cutting-edge production facilities, while our Charlotte, North Carolina office provides a dynamic environment for our administrative and sales teams.

Together, they employ approximately 30 dedicated professionals who cater to the North and South American markets with the full spectrum of Baikowski® solutions.

3N and 4N Tailored Alumina Solutions

Baikowski US sales team for 120 years anniversary

Our Malakoff facility develops and produces 3N and 4N alumina solutions tailored for ceramics and polishing applications, including our renowned Baikalox® polishing range of products that have garnered widespread recognition worldwide.

Among the market served, bioceramics, transparent and translucent ceramics, technical ceramics, ophthalmic polishing and thermal additives can be mentioned. Our US production site can also customize a huge variety of powders with different crystal morphologies, chemical purities, reactivities, dimensions, and ceramic properties.

Committed to quality and innovation, the plant is set up with analytical equipment such as Surface Area, Particle Size, Purity (ICP), Tap Density, Green Density, Fired Density, SEM, Tramp Fe.

Baikowski analysis capabilities US ISO 9001 to ensure stringent quality control measures at every stage of production, Baikowski® continuously invests in improvement initiatives to optimize processes and provide products that meet the highest standards.

🌟Baikowski® International Corp.

6601 NorthPark blvd Suite H

Tel. (704) 587.7100

🌟Baikowski® Malakoff Inc.

1631 West Royall Boulevard
TX 75148-6202-USA
Tel. +1 903-489-1910

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