Transparent & Translucent Ceramics

These ceramics are showing remarkable mechanical, thermal, chemical and optical properties. Baikowski® provides dedicated raw material such as Spinel, High Purity Alumina or YAG.

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What are transparent & translucent ceramics?

Transparent ceramics are polycrystalline non-birefringent materials such as spinel or YAG. Besides, transparency is also achievable by monocrystalline birefringent materials such as sapphire.YAG transparent ceramic piece

Translucent ceramics are polycrystalline birefringent aluminas, meaning that there are several diffraction angles for a same wavelength. Translucent ceramics are mostly made of alpha alumina, such as CR or TCPLS.

Properties of transparent & translucent ceramics

Those ceramics have remarkable properties:

  • Optical functions: transparent ceramics have excellent transmission properties. As for translucent ceramics, they have efficient diffusion properties. Baikowski® has been optimizing its powders for optical functions in the final ceramics. Indeed, we control the purity, formulation for sintering process, and the size of particles.Thus, it ensures the highest density ceramic parts.
  • Mechanical strength and hardness: Spinel parts can be used in Armor windows often include spinel parts. Our spinel products have a constant crystallographic composition with low sulfur content and low metallic impurities. It ensures the best transparency and mechanical properties for your ceramic parts.
  • Chemical stability: this is indeed the case for most of ceramics.
  • Thermal resistance: those ceramics are stable even at temperatures up to 1,600°C. In comparison, glass is already reacting at 550°C.

Polished and unpolished sapphire for watch made with high purity alumina

Those properties are strengthened by Baikowski’s control of particle size & size distribution in the delivered products. Moreover, we can dope our products on request in order to add intended properties for your final ceramic parts.
Thus seeing the upper properties, those ceramics are used for transparent or translucent applications in extreme conditions.

Applications of transparent & translucent ceramics

Translucent ceramics appear in:

Transparent ceramics are applicable for:

  • Armor windows
  • Infrared windows
  • YAG fibers for laser applications
  • Lasers for wavelength conversion properties

Processability of Baikowski® powders & slurries

We provide powders and slurries for transparent & translucent ceramics. Indeed, our products adapt easily to the customer process:

  • Hot Pressing & HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing)
  • Extrusion
  • Injection Molding

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