Luxury watchmaking industry requires highly performant materials combined with perfect finishing. It is a major historical market for Baikowski®, and we benefit from a century of mastery to remain a strategic supplier in this field.

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High Purity Alumina leaflets

Download our High Purity Alumina leaflets to help you find the product you need
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A125 – 4N γ alumina unground powder

an unground powder when control of the specific surface area and...
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CR – 4N alumina milled powder range

CR1, CR6, CR10, CR15, CR30F, CR125, CRA6 milled powders offer...
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CR-S 4N alumina slurry series for polishing

CR slurries provides scratch-free finish.
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GE – 4N α alumina unground powder range

GE1, GE6, GE15, GE30 & GEA6 are unground powders provide control...
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GE-S – 4N alumina slurry series for polishing

GE slurries are formulated from our GE 4N powders and provide a...
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SA – 4N α alumina milled powder range

SA products are jet milled (-CR) & ball milled (-DBM) powders for...
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SMA6 – 4N α alumina nanosized milled powder

SMA6 is a monopulated ball-mill deagglomerated powder.
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SPH – Sapphire polishing slurry range

SPH series was developed to improve productivity in sapphire polishing.
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ATZ/ZTA – Ready-to-use Zirconia & Alumina composites

Baikowski® provides alumina and zirconia composites that show high sintering reactivity leading to a low firing...
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BSZ- Zirconia Yttried & Toughened

Baikowski® Stabilized Zirconia can be doped with Yttrium from 3 to 10mol%.
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S25 – S30 High purity and transparency spinels

The best choice between our two spinel standard products S25 & S30 strongly depends on your ceramic process.
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