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HPA suspension with high density
Jul 17, 2024 Applications

Superior Finishing Polishing with Fine Alumina vs. Colloidal Silica for soft metals in Metallography

Composite membrane for filtration applications
Jun 26, 2024 Products Applications

Enhancing Separation and Filtration performances with CR6 Alumina in Composite Membranes

Ceramic 3D printing parts with SLA method
Jun 17, 2024 Applications

Baikowski® High Purity Powders’ Impact on Robocasting ceramic 3D Printing

Baikowski® Wins FRANCE 2030 Plan for Alumina Decarbonization
May 02, 2024 Compagny

Baikowski® Wins FRANCE 2030 Plan for Alumina Decarbonization

Apr 15, 2024 Applications

Ceramic 3D printing powders and slurries White Paper

Apr 12, 2024 Applications

Advanced Alumina and Nano-Zirconia solutions for batteries White Paper

Feb 15, 2024 Events

Ceramitec 2024, Booth 507 unveils exciting new CMC product range!

Feb 07, 2024 Compagny

2024: Baikowski® is celebrating 120 years of Innovation and Excellence!

YAG powder for laser
Jan 18, 2024 Applications

Aluminate solutions for inorganic detectors white paper

High power LED car
Jan 17, 2024 Applications

Automotive : How YAG-based converters enhance Adaptive Driving Beam technology ?

CMC ceramic matrix composite on jet blades
Jan 12, 2024 Applications

Advanced Material for oxide CMCs White Paper

Jan 05, 2024 Applications

The aerospace industry reshaped by oxide CMCs’ performance and sustainability

LED device
Dec 12, 2023 Applications

How fine oxides & YAG phosphors impact LED performance

Apr 21, 2023 Products

Custom and ready-to-use oxides

Analytical skills and tailor-made oxide solutions
Jan 09, 2023 Products

Analytical skills & tailor-made oxide solutions

Mathym at nano tech 2023
Jan 04, 2023 Events

Mathym’s nanomaterial dispersions at nano tech 2023

Jan 02, 2023 Events

Baikowski® and Mathym® at Spie Photonics 2023

Nov 15, 2022 Compagny

Awardee of “Expedite the industrial transition”

Oct 19, 2021 Products

zilight®an ultra-small nanozirconia product

High purity alumina for battery, automotive
Dec 15, 2021 Compagny

Batteries European Partnership – BEPA

Mathym nano-dispersions
Oct 04, 2021 Applications

Ceramic nanofillers

Apr 03, 2023 Compagny

New ISO certifications

Baikowski brochure and leaflets new in 2020
Dec 02, 2023 Products

Product catalogs

Sep 30, 2019 Compagny

Acquisition of Mathym SAS

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