2024: Baikowski® is celebrating 120 years of Innovation and Excellence!

Since 1904, Baikowski® has evolved into a global manufacturer of High Purity Oxides and is driving breakthroughs in aerospace, automotive, medical industries and beyond.

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Established in 1904 by the Baikowski family with the ambitious goal of producing synthetic sapphire using the Verneuil method, the company has evolved into a global powder manufacturer, listed on the Euronext stock exchange.

As we celebrate 120 years of Baikowski®, let’s delve into the key milestones that have shaped its history.

1904-1919: A renowned Synthetic Sapphire Manufacturer

In its nascent years, Baikowski® pioneered the production of synthetic sapphire with the Verneuil method. The company’s commitment to precision and quality laid the foundation for its successes.

Recognizing the importance of proximity to its primary market, Baikowski® strategically settled in Annecy in 1919, positioning itself at the heart of the watch industry.

1945-1980s: Diversification focused on oxides and global expansion

The aftermath of World War II marked a significant turning point for Baikowski®. Expanding its horizons, the company transitioned into the production of High Purity Alumina. In the 1980s, Baikowski®’s core business focused on powder production.

Simultaneously, the company expanded its global footprint with a manufacturing plant in the USA and a joint venture in Japan. Sales offices in the USA, China, and Korea solidified Baikowski®’s position as a key player on the international stage.

1980s-2024: A global leader in Powder Solutions for high-tech and sustainable applications

High purity alumina powder, slurry and tape castingWith a strong commitment to innovation, Baikowski®’s mission is to provide High Purity Alumina Powders & formulations, Spinel, Phosphor, Zirconia, Ceria and other specialty oxides for cutting-edge applications such as:

  • Advanced materials for Ox/Ox CMCs that are essential for ensuring optimal performance and durability of aerospace equipment like turbine blades and heat shields.
  • Polishing solutions for semiconductors that enable the production of smaller and more efficient microchips and other electronic components.
  • Longer lasting and more efficient energy storage solutions like batteries and solid oxide fuel cells for the automotive market.
  • Materials for medical bioceramics, as well as for precision optics and photonics applications

Baikowski® has also maintained over the years its historical legacy by providing transparent ceramic powders for the luxury sector.

Additionally, in 2019, Baikowski® enriched its portfolio with the acquisition of Mathym®, a startup specialized in nano-dispersions, allowing the company to provide innovative products to high-growth markets, including a unique radio opacifier for the dental sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental commitment

Plant Baikowski SA Poisy - FranceBaikowski®’s commitment extends beyond industrial excellence to corporate social responsibility.

From 2015 to 2021, Baikowski® has successfully reduced its GHG emissions by over 25%. Looking ahead, the company aims to achieve an additional 20% reduction by 2030 through targeted actions and investments.

Among them, the company is engaged to a sustainable Life Cycle Assessment approach for its products and has set forth an environmental and energy policy focused on reducing its carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency, and optimizing resource consumption.

With a rich history of 120 years marked by transformative achievements, Baikowski® remains resolute in its mission to forge ahead and lead the way in developing the technologies that will define a sustainable future.



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