CMP – Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Our need of high-performance devices keeps growing, requiring faster and faster systems, always more compact. Wafers are designed with CMP process to reach no defectivity at the nanoscale.

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What is a CMP process?

High purity alumina (HPA) slurry drops

CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing/Planarization) is a highly precise polishing process, dedicated to high-end semiconductors wafers of other substrates. This process combines two actions: modifying chemical properties of the substrate by chemical agents during the mechanical treatment performed by highly designed abrasive particles.


CMP process is mostly used in highly demanding semiconductor applications for its remarkable properties:

  • High precision: the more data we achieve to store on a device, the more precise the design becomes. Storage devices are often produced by successive layers deposit. Those layers are very thin and must be fully flat with a perfect surface finish. This is measured by several means, like the Peak-to-Valley: PV is the measurement of the height difference between the highest point and the lowest point on the surface polished. The latest technologies of semiconductors require PV down to Angstrom levels (10-10m).
  • Fast use: CMP is a multi-step process related to several substrate polishing. The objective is to optimize the duration of each step, which are lasting less than a minute, while keeping a high precision polishing process.


CMP is used for high-end final technologies needing semiconductors, like integrated circuits and memory disks.

Why our powders?

We provide Ceria & High Purity Alumina for CMP.
Ceria slurries are mainly used for silica polishing (shallow trench isolation – STI CMP) for their:

  • Crystallinity
  • Shape
  • Particle size
  • Particle size distribution
  • Phasic purity, which is highly controlled

High purity alumina BRA is optimized for tungsten (W) polishing for its remarkable properties:

  • Phasic composition (alpha vs gamma content)
  • Size of abrasive particles
  • Particle size distribution of abrasive particles

CMP slurry for semicon polishing with wafer close-up

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