CMCs - Ox/Ox Ceramic Matrix Composite

Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) have been bringing cutting edge solutions for several years in highly demanding industries, such as aerospace. We provide adapted raw material & expertise on oxide-oxide CMCs.

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High Purity Alumina and mullite advanced solutions for oxide CMCs

Ceramic Matric Composites (CMCs) combine refractoriness of ceramics and pseudo-plasticity of composite. Baikowski® is at the forefront of Ox/Ox CMC solutions, meticulously engineered for meeting very demanding high tech application requirements and harsh conditions.

Our advanced materials provide CMCs with exceptional qualities such as superior strength, thermal resilience, and lightweight properties. Moreover, Ox/Ox CMCs benefit from enhanced resistance against corrosion and oxidation.

Baikowski® optimized formulation powders for Ox/Ox CMCs

Our know-how lies in our precision-engineered fine powders that offer:

High purity alumina

  • Controlled particle size and distribution
  • Low sintering temperature
  • Controlled porosity

Spray-dry powders for easy processability and stable slurries with optimal viscosity are also available.

Among Baikowski® offering for Ox/Ox CMCs, our SM8 powder and ready-to-use BA15-PSS slurry stand out. Additionally, we have innovatively created a mullite solution for a better compatibility with mulitte fibers.

Then, the addition of dopants, nano particles and mixed oxides allow customization, improving specific characteristics tailored to diverse applications.

Ox/Ox CMCs’ applications and oxidation resistance benefits

These materials have redefined durability and efficiency by offering reliable performance at temperatures up to 1,300°C,  as well as paved the way to decarbonization  by providing energy efficiency solutions. Among Ox/Ox CMCs benefits, high oxidation resistance, whereas non-oxide CMCs require protective coatings, and the possibility of producing intricate shaped components can be mentionned.

All these adavantages have revolutionized manufacturing processes and product designs in various industries such as :

Advanced Materials for oxide CMC

  • The aerospace field for critical components suh as heat shield, turbine blades, combustion lines for their overall performances and fuel efficiency.
  • The automotive industry, particularly in high-end vehicles. Their ability to withstand high temperatures make them valuable in applications such as brake components, engine components, and exhaust systems.
  • The Energy Sector for components subjected to corrosive environments such as gaz turbines, heat exchangers, and combustion systems. As to the field of renewable energy, they enhance the efficiency and reliability of wind energy systems.
  • The industrial area where resistance to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals are essential. They find applications in equipment such as furnace components, valves, and piping systems, contributing to improved reliability and durability in harsh operating conditions.
  • Medical Devices like orthopedic implants and dental applications. Their biocompatibility and resistance to wear make them suitable for components like joint replacements, where the material’s strength and durability are crucial for long-term performance.

Thanks to their ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions and external influences, oxide CMCs could find new applications, especially in emerging industries, but also in forming processes, including additive manufacturing (3D printing) or advanced molding technologies by opening the door to more intricate and tailored CMC components.

Driven by constant innovation, Baikowski® High Purity Alumina and Mullite solutions have a promising future ahead to contribute to the development of new smart CMC materials, all while continuing to reduce carbon footprint.

Learn more in our white paperAdvanced Material for oxide CMCs 

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