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SLAz Alumina Slurries & Nano-Zirconia Doping

Ready-to-use slurries of high purity fine alpha alumina with customized nano-zirconia ratio

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Products characteristics

Crafted with precision and innovation, SLAz slurries are tailor-made blends of our renowned Baikalox® High Purity Alumina & Mathym® cutting-edge zilight® nano-zirconia.

This next generation of high-performance alumina slurries offer unparalleled control, featuring:

  • Customized Nano-Zirconia Doping: Achieve the exact level of zirconia integration within a fine alpha alumina matrix for superior control over material properties.
  • Exceptional Stability: SLAz slurries remain stable across a wide pH range (4-10), eensuring consistent performance even in challenging environments
  • Homogeneous Dispersion: Experience unmatched uniformity with nano-zirconia particles evenly distributed throughout the alumina matrix.
  • Unbeatable Processability: Low viscosity slurries (η<0.3 Pa.s) minimize process challenges, regardless of nano-zirconia content


SLAz showcase exceptional properties for CMC applications, offering reliable performance in demanding conditions and exceeding expectations. Additionally, SLAz exhibits promising potential for addressing coating and 3D printing applications, extending its utility across other fields of material science.


for CMC applications

High Purity Alumina and nano-zirconia doping, SLAz leaflet Download the SLAz leaflet

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