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zilight® ultra small nanozirconia

The smallest nano-zirconia grade is as small as 5 nm

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Products characteristics

zilight® from Mathym® is designed to enhance the properties of your materials.

Mathym® offers nanozirconia dispersions with different sizes and morphologies of nanoparticles dispersed in a wide selection of media. They are designed to meet the requirements of each application.

zilight® nanoparticles are available doped and undoped, they are agglomerate-free. zilight® dispersions can be customized upon request.

Chemical formula ZrO₂- Undoped to 10 mol% Y2O3
Product type Nanodispersions
Crystal structure  Tetragonal or monoclinic
Morphology  Nearly spherical, needle-like, square bundles 6 to 90 nm
Average particle size  5 to 90 nm
Density (theoretical)  6,1 g/cm³ (3YSZ)
Grafted filler refractive index Up to 2.0*
Dispersion medium Various media (view Data Sheet)

* depending on the dispersion medium

zilight® main benefits and application examples:

  • Refractive index modulation in materials
  • Ophthalmic coatings
  • No impact on transparency and haze
  • Displays
  • Scratch and wear resistance increase
  • Solid Oxide Cells
  • Sintering temperature reduction in ceramics
  • Ceramic membranes
  • Lubricant oils


Read our article : zilight® an ultra-small nanozirconia product


  • zilight -nanozirconia from Mathym- Data Sheet ZrO2
  • Leaflet_9_Nano-dispersions-2024-ZILIGHT-web

Main applications

High refractive index coating

High refractive index coating

Restorative Dental materials

Restorative Dental materials

Fuel cells

Fuel cells

Fine ceramics

Fine ceramics

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