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Through decades of experience in polishing of semiconductors, precision optics & metals, Baikowski® has developed tailor-made polishing solutions for a wide variety of substrates.

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High Purity Alumina leaflets

Download our High Purity Alumina leaflets to help you find the product you need
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BA – 4N alumina nanosized unground powder range

BA15, BA20, BA100 & BA105 unground offer control of the specific...
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BA15-PSS – Ready-to-use 4N α alumina slurry

A basic waterborne slurry with tight monomodal distribution.
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BMA15 – 4N α alumina nanosized milled powder

This deagglomerated powder is also suitable for dip coating & slip...
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BRA105 – 4N 93% γ alumina milled powder

This deagglomerated powder can contain upon request 0,1% to 12% of...
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CR – 4N alumina milled powder range

CR1, CR6, CR10, CR15, CR30F, CR125, CRA6 milled powders offer...
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CR-S 4N alumina slurry series for polishing

CR slurries provides scratch-free finish.
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GE – 4N α alumina unground powder range

GE1, GE6, GE15, GE30 & GEA6 are unground powders provide control...
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GE-S – 4N alumina slurry series for polishing

GE slurries are formulated from our GE 4N powders and provide a...
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LS – 3N α alumina milled powder

LSDBM is a ball-mill deagglomerated powder particulary adapted for...
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PA- 3N α alumina unground powder

PA unground powder is particularly adapted to create polishing...
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PB – 3N α alumina nanosized powders in various forms

Unground, jet milled or ball milled powders accordindg to your technical ceramic needs
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SA – 4N α alumina milled powder range

SA products are jet milled (-CR) & ball milled (-DBM) powders for...
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ALN-6L – AIN substrate polishing slurry

We developed ALN-6L to deliver the best surface finish on AlN substrates without void defect.
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BG – IR filter polishing slurries

BG polishing slurry was developed for polishing IR cutoff filters used for camera lenses and offers outstanding...
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HK – Diamond slurries

HK Series of Diamond Slurry is optimized for lapping GaN and SiC wafer.
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PuBS – Polishing Pads

Baikowski® offers a wide range of polishing pads which are optimized for various applications such as sapphire,...
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SLT-50 High performance wafer polishing slurries

SLT-50 slurry was developed for polishing Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3) wafers, commonly used for SAW devices.
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SPH – Sapphire polishing slurry range

SPH series was developed to improve productivity in sapphire polishing.
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YG-1 Slurry for Yag polishing

YG-1 slurry offers a highly precise control of roughness, flatness and critical angles during YAG polishing.
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