The aerospace industry reshaped by oxide CMCs’ performance and sustainability

Baikowski® develops 4N Alumina & Mullite solutions for CMCs with outstanding performance for the industrial sector, including the aerospace industry

The exploration of combining ceramic matrices with reinforcing fibers has started in the 1980s with the aim of creating advanced material composites with high temperature resistance and lightweight properties.

It was primarily driven by the aerospace industry’s need to enhance the performance of vital components like turbine blades, thermal protection systems (TPS), structural elements, brakes and more, as well as to decrease fuel consumption.

High purity alumina (HPA) powderAs the aviation industry continues to shape the future and work towards decarbonization, Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) play a crucial role and are experiencing fast growth.

Baikowski®, at the forefront of  high-performance Ox/Ox CMC material development, has actively contributed to this paradigm shift. These CMCs offer temperature stability, low density, hardness, wear resistance and above all, they are not sensitive to oxidation compare to other CMCs.

Moreover, thanks to constant innovation in decarbonizing our manufacturing processes, Baikowski® oxide solutions benefit from a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment. This involves assessing the environmental impact at each stage of the material’s life cycle to promote the implementation of sustainable practices and a more eco-friendly supply chain.

See our 4N alumina & mullite solutions for CMCs

Ready-to-use and ready-to-press oxides

Ox/Ox CMC benefits for aero-engine applications

Combining oxide matrix with oxide fiber, such as alumina or mullite, results in better overall mechanical, physical and thermal properties. These CMCs offer reliable performance at temperatures up to 1,300°C, and no need for cooling air requirements, allowing the end products to be used in different aero-engine applications, such as combustion liners of gas turbine engines, heat shields and exhaust cones for example.

They have spurred innovation and efficiency in particular thanks to their :

CMC ceramic matrix composite on jet bladesMechanical strength

Ox/Ox CMCs’ mechanical strength proves advantageous in engine components subjected to mechanical stresses, such as combustion liners. Their robust nature ensures liners to withstand the intense forces and rapid temperature fluctuations associated with the combustion process.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is also a cornerstone in fortifying the structural integrity of critical parts and significantly extend the lifespan and reliability of aerospace components exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions.

Over the years, CMCs in general and Ox/Ox CMCs have found applications beyond the aerospace industry, demonstrating their versatility and performance advantages in various fields, including the automotive, energy, electronics, defense and medical sectors.

Baikowski® advanced 4N alumina & mullite solutions for Ox/Ox CMCs

Developing high quality Ox/Ox CMCs with superior performance properties for critical components required precise control over the characteristics of high purity alumina-based powders and slurries such as :

oxide polishing solutions🌟 A well-dispersed and stable slurry, which is crucial for achieving the desired microstructure and mechanical properties of the final CMC, requires a fine and uniform particle distribution powder (< 1μm).

🌟 An optimal viscosity guarantees the desired structural integrity of the component

🌟 A high sintering reactivity allows for control over porosity and ensures rapid and efficient densification. These factors, in turn, impact CMC’s mechanical strength and thermal properties.

🌟 A densification temperature kept as low as possible is determinant to preserve the structural and mechanical properties of the fibers and to ensure the overall stability of the CMC.

💡 Moreover, dopants can be added to improve specific characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us for tailor design. 💡

Among Baikowski® CMC offering, our SM8 powder and ready-to-use BA15-PSS slurry stand out. Additionally, we have innovatively created a mullite solution for a better compatibility with mullite fibers.

For a deeper dive into our advanced materials for oxide CMCs and insights into what is an outstanding matrix and how is a slurry formulated for an Ox/Ox CMC of high quality, explore our dedicated white paper 👇

Advanced Materials for oxide CMCs
white paper


Advanced Materials for oxide CMC

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