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Ceramic Matrix Composites have gained significant attention in recent years due to their remarkable properties and wide range of applications. Indeed, they are used in various sectors ranging from automotive components and aerospace structures to electrical insulators and biomedical devices.

Our white paper tackles the different types of composites and in particular Ox/Ox CMCs, whose lightweight nature, high strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability have paved the way for advancements in energy reduction and material performance.

💡But what is an outstanding matrix and how is a slurry formulated for an Ox/Ox CMC of high quality?💡

The continuous growth in the demand for enhanced CMC properties is driving force for strong R&D at Baikowski®. You are going to find here under our alumina and mullite powders (<1μm) that offer very good processability and high performance.

Moreover, we can design customised solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements such as :

  • Doping and chemical composition: sintering aids, possible addition of nanozirconia particles for improved refractoriness
  • Powders can be delivered in multiple forms: binder free spray dried powders for easy dispersion, concentrated aqueous slurries (typical solid loading ≈ 50wt%), funtionnalized powders for easy dispersion in non-aqueous solvents.
    Those materials can also be used (especialy in the form of spray dried powders) in thermal spray process to produce TBC (thermal barrier coatings)

Explore right now our standard offering & tailor-made approach by downloading our white paper.

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Advanced Materials for oxide CMC


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