Awardee of “Expedite the industrial transition”

Baikowski® has been taking part in the experiment consisting in the opportunity study of the low-carbon energy mix

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Baikowski® is committed to environment sustainability with ADEME

Environment sustainability is entirely part of the Baikowski® group strategy. In order to go further and faster to decarbonate our business of fine minerals, Baiskowski® France has participated to the call for application “Expedite the industrial transition” launched by The French Agency for Ecological Transition, ADEME.

ADEME has been involved in the combat against climate change and the degradation of resources for more than 30 years by supporting all stakeholders eager to achieve the France’s carbon neutrality objective in 2050. As the climate is a worldwide battle,  ADEME is also involved in different actions in Europe and around the world.

Decarbonization of our production site of fine minerals in Poisy

We have been selected to take part in this experiment that will help us to accelerate the decarbonization of our production site in Poisy, Haute-Savoie, and energy transition. This opportunity to benefit from the ADEME technical and methodological expertises, combined with the subsidized support of INDDIGO, are a great step forward in our research to impact positvely the environment.

Baikowski® is committed to environment sustainability with ADEME

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