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BSZ- Zirconia Yttried & Toughened

Baikowski® Stabilized Zirconia can be doped with Yttrium from 3 to 10mol%.

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Products characteristics

Standard Zirconia products
(Typical values)
Description 3mol%Yttria 8mol%Yttria
Crystalline phase Tetragonal Monoclinic Cubic
PSD d50 (µm)
Laser diffraction
Horiba LA950
0.12 – 0.18 0.12 – 0.18
Spray Dried Particle Size (µm) 50 – 60 50 – 60


  • BSZ Technical Data Sheet
  • BSZ-Zirconia Yttrium_Safety-data-sheet_Baikowski

Main applications



Oxygen sensors

Oxygen sensors

Parts for watchmaking

Parts for watchmaking

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