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ATZ/ZTA – Ready-to-use Zirconia & Alumina composites

Baikowski® provides alumina and zirconia composites that show high sintering reactivity leading to a low firing temperature & fine microstructure.

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Products characteristics

Standard Alumina/Zirconia products
(Typical values)
Description 80%vol Al2O3 80%vol BSZ3Y
PSD d50 (µm)
Laser diffraction
Horiba LA950
0.12 – 0.18 0.12 – 0.18
Spray Dried Particle Size d50(µm)
Laser diffraction
Horiba LA950
50 – 60 50 – 60

Let us know your specific needs!

Baikowski® provides customized mix of Al2O3 and ZrO2 with the following characteristics :

  • High chemical purity
  • Homogenous distribution of  particules
  • Very thin microstructure

We can also stabilize Zirconia with a wide range of stabilizers (Y, Ce, Ca…; molar ratio), add a colored dopant or a third phase to improve mechanical properties.

Whatever your application fields, dental, medical, watchmaking or fluid management, and  your requirements, more resistance to shocks or to wear, we  will optimise the composition according to your process.

For a better easiness to use, the range is available in spray-dried, ready-to-press and slurry forms.



  • ZTA-ATZ Technical Data Sheet

Main applications



Colored ceramics

Colored ceramics

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