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filyxio® nano-ytterbium fluoride

Brings radiopacity to dental materials while maximizing depth of cure and aesthetics

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Products characteristics

filyxio® from Mathym, with an average particle size of 20nm, is the smallest YbF₃ nanoparticle on the market.

It is mainly used as nano filler in dental composites. It brings radiopacity to dental materials while maximizing depth of cure and aesthetics.

It can also bring radiopacity to biomedical implants or 3D printing resins.

Chemical formula YbF₃
Product type nano-dispersions
Crystal structure Orthorhombic
Average Particle Size 20 nm (all applications) or 40 nm (non-dental applications)
Density*  8.2 g/cm3
Refractive index* 1.53
Dispersion medium Various media (see Data Sheet)


filyxio® dental product benefits :

• Smallest particles on the market • High translucency of dental composites
• Compatibility with all dental monomers • High depth of cure
• Low viscosity at high particle loading • Improved flexural strength

Read our paper on Nanomaterials as game-changers for Restorative Dental Applications to learn more


  • Nano-ytterbium fluoride YbF3 data sheet-Mathym
  • Leaflet_9_Nano-dispersions-2024-FILYXIO-web

Main applications

Restorative dental materials - composites

Restorative dental materials - composites



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