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LuAG | Nano phosphor

Lutetium Aluminum Garnet nano powders with highly controlled properties.

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Products characteristics

Standard Phosphor product
(Typical values)
Ce content (at%) 0 – 3.3
Specific Surface Area (m²/g) BET 4 – 8

PSD d50 (µm)
Laser diffraction
Horiba LA950

0.13 – 0.17

Unique properties of our LuAG

Baikowski’s YAGs and LuAGs are characterized by their high crystallinity, chemical purity, submicronic control of size & distribution, and optimized distribution of activators within the lattice allowing optimized optical properties (quantum efficiency…).

We can add other dopants upon request in order to enhance specific properties.

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  • LuAG Technical Data Sheet

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