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Nano-cerium oxide

Ultra-fine ceria particles (below 20 nm) dispersed in water

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Products characteristics

These nanomaterials can  be used  in Solid Oxide Cells and also as nanofillers in composite materials.

Their high crystallinity, low organic content and narrow size distribution are key in these applications.

Chemical formula CeO2 or Ce1-xGdxO2 or Ce1-xYxO2 (x up to 0.1)
Crystal structure Cubic
Morphology Nearly spherical or polyhedral
Average Particle Size 7 -14 -20 nm for CeO2, size depends on doping for other grades
Density* 7.22 g/cm3 for CeO2
Refractive index* ∼2.35
Dispersion medium Water, ethanol, other media under development


Available as R&D samples


  • Nano CeO2 Data sheet- Mathym R&D product

Main applications

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Nanofillers in optical materials

Nanofillers in optical materials

Restorative dental materials

Restorative dental materials

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