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SLA – High purity Alumina Slurries leaflet

Ready-to-use slurries customized upon request.

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Products characteristics

SLA products are high purity alumina slurries featuring submicronic particles. The ready to use SLA range has the particularity to offer customized characteristics:

  • Controlled particle size and size distribution
  • pH (acidic or basic)
  • Solid loading
  • Viscosity
  • Crystalline phase (α, γ)
  • Chemical purity (3N, 4N and beyond)
  • Specific surface area (wide range of SSA available)


Particle size distribution of a gamma alumina slurry (DLS)

Particle size distribution of a gamma alumina slurry -DLS

Example of viscosity curve for alpha alumina slurries

Alpha alumina slurries viscosity example

Particle size distribution of alpha slurries (Horiba)

Particle size distribution of alpa slurries - Horiba


You can find among our offer slurries available as standart product:

Any particular process issue?

Looking for an acidic or basic slurry with low viscosity & high solid loading?
Let us know your requirements and we will design, together, the best solution for your needs.



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Main applications





Technical Ceramics

Technical Ceramics

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