Techdays 2018

Baikowski® family is always joining forces to deliver the best innovative solutions for you! Last week, Baikowski’s technical and sales teams from all around the world got together to prepare the future of high purity aluminas and special oxides.

06.09.2018Commentary in Ceramics Expo Newsletter

“How can we offer a differentiated product, while meeting the specifications of our customers? How can we be innovative while conforming to the standards of critical markets? These are the questions asked by Baikowski’s customers. Being at the start of the supplier chain is a challenging role. We have to make sure our customers will achieve their standards with a cutting-edge final ceramic. Understanding their needs is important; meeting them is crucial. After all, even as a first supplier, we have the same target as our customers: to precisely meet their needs.” Read the full article here

See you in Ceramics Expo 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio!

16.07.2018Baikowski® is on Wechat !

Baikowski® is officially on the biggest Chinese social network: WeChat! Baikowski® team is keeping Chinese followers up to date with our latest news. Looking for us? Search @Baikowski-BCC.

22.06.2018ISO & OHSAS Certifications

We are proud to be certified ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and to renew our ISO 9001 certificate. Proving we target the best quality for our customers, ensuring health and safety in all we do. 

09.05.2018Thank you for Ceramics Expo 2018!

Once again this year, it was a pleasure to meet you at Ceramics Expo, looking ahead to the bright future of ceramics.

Baikowski's High Purity Aluminas & Special Oxides will be part of it for sure!

Thank you and see you soon!

30.04.2018Meet Baikowski Team at Ceramics Expo 2018

Visit Baikowski team at Ceramics Expo on booth 122: Sales & Marketing teams will be pleased to discuss about your technical projects!

Moreover, our Senior Vice President Mr. Justin OTTO will present the "Critical Powder Requirements for Translucent, Transparent, and Phosphor ceramics" through a conference on Tuesday May 1st during the Materials Market Place Session.

Click to see the whole program.

See you there!

16.04.2018Thank you for Ceramitec 2018!

Ceramitec 2018 was a golden opportunity to meet you and imagine the technical ceramics of tomorrow.

We were glad to introduce our High Purity Aluminas & Special Oxides, and enjoyed the launch of the CMA® Controlled Morphology Alumina among you.

Thank You and see you soon!

30.03.2018Meet Baikowski team at Ceramitec 2018

Visit Baikowski team at Ceramitec on booth A6 – 527 : R&D and Sales & Marketing teams will be pleased to discuss about your technical projects!

Moreover, our Scientific Director Mr. Lionel BONNEAU will unveil our New Range of Controlled Morphology Aluminas for Advanced Ceramics, through a conference on Thursday 12th during the Technical Ceramics Day organized by Ceramic Applications.
Click to see the whole program.

See you there!

05.04.2018Welcome to the CMA®!

28.03.2018Can you guess Baikowski's New Born?

20.03.2018Something Unique... With Unique Variations...

13.03.2018Baikowski is ready to welcome something new...

22.02.2018Phosphor Global Summit 2018

We are proud to be part of the keyplayers in the phosphor world. Meet Baikowski Team at the Phosphor Global Summit 2018, March 14-15 ! 

See you there: 

23.01.2018Baikowski recrute !

Vous souhaitez rejoindre une entreprise industrielle innovante et dynamique, à taille humaine ?

Nous recherchons pour notre site proche d’Annecy (Haute-Savoie) :

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26.10.2017Design of Specialty Inorganic Oxides

On November 28th, our Scientific Director Lionel BONNEAU will unveil Baikowski’s teamwork on the design of specialty inorganic oxides.

Let’s meet at the innovative raw materials day, hosted by the European cluster of Ceramics. Next to Imerys, Nanomakers or Solvay, we will introduce the brand new developments of Baikowski on the morphology and phasic composition of alumina and aluminate.


Le 28 novembre, notre Directeur Scientifique Lionel BONNEAU révèlera les travaux des équipes Baikowski sur le design d’oxydes inorganiques de spécialités.

Rendez-vous à la journée matières premières innovantes organisée par le pôle Européen de la céramique. Aux côtés d’Imerys, Nanomakers ou encore Solvay, nous présenterons les tous derniers développements Baikowski sur la maîtrise de la morphologie et la composition phasique d’alumine et aluminate. Plus d’informations sur

06.10.2017Materials Science & Technology 2017

On Tuesday 10th of October in Pittsburgh (PA), Justin OTTO will present Baikowski teams’ last development in High Purity Alumina for Hierarchical Porous Ceramics.

Here is the abstract scope:

As more performance is continually demanded from ceramics, so too are the capabilities of the raw materials. Baikowski would like to introduce a new class of high purity aluminum oxide powders that will allow application engineers to continue to break the existing limits on ceramic technologies. Through a unique synthesis methodology, Baikowski has been able to produce an extremely high purity (99.99+%) aluminum oxide powder that is easily shaped into complex geometries and hold a very specified hierarchical macro and mesoporosity structure for projected use in highly specific catalytic support or diffusion applications. We will examine the powder synthesis, shaping, and ceramic properties associated with this new particle.

04.10.2017Techdays 2017

Baikowski teams from all over the world rise to the top to prepare next innovative products. Join us at Ceramitec 2018 to find out about our latest development designed for you.

Hall B1, booth 112/114

19.06.2017Laser World of Photonics 2017

Edit: thank you for your visit, and see you next year at Ceramitec!

Meet Baikowski Japan at Laser World of Photonics in Munich! 

From June 26th till 29th, Baikowski Japan will take part in the international trade fair for Photonics Components, Systems and Applications, held in Munich. On the booth, you will see a wide range of products for laser applications, including;

  • Ceramic YAG
  • Ceramic TGG (terbium gallium garnet)
  • Polishing Slurry
  • Polishing Pad
  • Diamond Pellet and Tools   

This fair combines research and technology with industrial application sectors for the widest variety of industries and uses. The previous edition gathered 1200 exhibitors, visited by more than 31000 people from all around the world.

Come visit us Hall B1, Booth 112/114!

19.06.2017Watchmaking fair in Geneva: EPHJ

This week, Baikowski will attend the EPHJ fair in Geneva, to promote the products with high-end applications in the watchmaking industry. This includes:

  • Sapphire/transparent ceramic watch tops
  • Ceramic wrist & case parts
  • Precision polishing

See you there!

JEC 16

08.03.2016JEC 2016

Baikowski attended the JEC composites show in Paris