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Special Oxides

Combining state-of-the-art process technologies with unique material properties, BAIKOWSKI has developed advanced special oxides such as yttria stabilized zirconia, ceria, magnesia ; and mixed oxides such as magnesium aluminate spinels, yttrium aluminum garnets, zirconia toughened alumina, etc.

These developments enabled BAIKOWSKI to serve customized solutions to very demanding high-tech applications such as transparent ceramics (armors & optics), laser windows, high-strength ceramics & specialty phosphors.


Baikalox Regular

The consistency of Baikalox Regular alumina powders is ensured by a rigorous quality control procedure throughout
the entire production process.

As a result of a century of process optimization and full mastery of the powders characteristics,Baikalox Regular enable our customers to take advantage of the best of Baikowski's know-how.


Polishing suspensions

Through decades of experience in polishing of
semiconductors & precision optics & metals, BAIKOWSKI 
has developed tailor-made polishing solutions for a wide variety of substrates.

Alumina, silica, titania, ceria: through our joint expertise in powder synthesis & slurries formulation, these state-of-the-art polishing solutions are providing technological breakthroughs through maximized polishing results (removal rate, surface roughness, flatness, process behavior, etc...) to market
leaders as well as smaller actors.

Check out our newest technical datasheets, featuring application performances in standard conditions.

All these can be tailored to your specific needs thanks to fine customer-oriented approach


Baikalox B-Series

Especially developed for specialty ceramics, UV-reflective coatings and precision polishing applications, Baikalox B-Series "High Cristallinity" alumina powders are produced
with a full mastery of the crystallites size and homogeneity.



MALAKOFF materials are the result of two highly controlled processes: Bayer modified & aluminum hydrolysis (SA)


Baikalox High Density

Especially developed for sapphire applications, our innovative solutions are melting highest purity with high density.

Custom sizes & shapes casted or pressed ceramics, Verneuil crackle, alumina beads